Bruno Michieli

Bruno Michieli - Founding Partner

Bruno Michieli is the Founding Partner of CS Capital, an alternative investment firm, based in Hong Kong, focused on providing solution-driven capital to lower-middle market enterprises and emerging companies.

Leading CS Capital’s team of private equity investors, Bruno brings creative energy, a vast global network and his extensive experience to provide small and medium-sized enterprises and emerging technology companies with growth capital.

Alongside his work at CS Capital, Bruno is a board member of several companies at the Dutch private equity group Ramphastos and is a representative of the Global Blockchain Business Counsel in Geneva. He plays an important role in unleashing this technology to increase social inclusion and democratise investments.

Born in Italy and disciplined in the Netherlands, is how Bruno describes himself. Having invested and worked across the globe, he is always looking for new perspectives but Rotterdam has served as a special anchor to his life.

Partly raised and educated in Rotterdam, he greatly associates with its entrepreneurial spirit and admires the springboard to the world that the city represents.

His proven track record as an investor and entrepreneur has been always been underpinned by his world-leading financial education. Achieving an Msc in global finance from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business, and completing the Senior Executive Leadership Programme at Stanford University.